Pt. Abbaye conservancy expands

SHARING FOR FUTURE–Brothers-in-law Mike Davis, center, and Bill Hall, on steps at Point Abbaye, made a significant impact on environmental protection and wilderness preservation. FINLANDER BAY–Shoreline that protects fish spawning grounds in Huron Bay includes 59 acres and 3,000 feet of shoreline formerly owned by the Hertel family now in conservancy.

by Barry Drue
The Keweenaw Land Trust (KLT) continues working with willing land owners on key parcels of Pt. Abbaye to ensure permanent survival of wild lands and critical shoreline for access of future generations. While the COVID-19 pandemic altered personal contact, landowners and KLT officials headquartered in Hancock continued to work on parcels both on Pt. Abbaye and some newly acquired pristine shoreline areas on the Keweenaw Peninsula. To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.