Train in missing person rescue

RESCUE OPERATION–Several agencies and numerous volunteers trained last Sunday in a mock missing person drill. Aided by the Civil Air Patrol plane search rescue squads efficiently located the vehicle and missing person. L-r, are James Soli, Mike Malloy, Ed Roth, Dean Velmer and Nathan Stockton. The team set up an Incident Command Center at Big Erick’s Bridge and organized the mission.

Multiple agencies coordinated on a search and rescue drill on Sunday, March 22, 2015. From the Civil Air Patrol based at Houghton County Memorial Airport to local police, fire and rescue personnel the drill was successful. The mission was to rescue a lost four-wheeler operator. Mike Roth served as the lost rider. He took his pick-up out on the Triple A road, unloaded his four-wheeler and took off, finding a remote location. Ed Roth is the Training Officer for the Baraga County Search and Rescue (SAR) team. He explained how the exercise was unfolded. Participating were personnel from the Civil Air Patrol, KB Tribal Police, Bay Ambulance, L’Anse Fire Department and the county search and rescue team. “We would have gotten notified by the Sheriff’s Department about a missing person somewhere in the Huron Mountains. We set up an incident command at Big Erick’s Bridge,” Roth said. Meanwhile the Civil Air Patrol..


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