Remember ‘Gar’ for legal career, friendship


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GOOD TIMES–Sue and Gar Hood taking it easy at
Bridgefest, 2009. When they retired to Florida Gar
loved his boat and the beach. He died on April 21,
2017, after battling illness in recent years.


by Barry Drue
Longtime area attorney and judge Garfield Hood is remembered by many bar association colleagues and friends for his dedication to his craft, his openness and friendly personality, and certainly for his humor. “Gar”, as he was known to everyone, died at his retirement home in Englewood, FL, after battling several illnesses in recent years. Gar died peacefully in Englewood on April 21, 2017. He was 71. Following his wishes, wife Sue and children Sarah, Lauren and Kristin made the decision to place their husband and dad in hospice following a stroke. Mercifully, Gar was there only one night before the end. Gar wanted to be remembered this way, in his own words: “I loved my family, I tried to be fair, I did the best I could”. As the news arrived in the Copper Country any were saddened and surprised. Sue said she and her daughters and their families had time to adjust. “I’m fine,” Sue said Monday, May 1, a week and a half after her husband’s passing. “It was not a real shock. He was ill for about four years.” Sue noted that she and Gar had owned a place in Florida since 1996 and very much enjoyed time there. When Gar retired after an 18- year career as 12th Circuit Judge in September, 2008, the Hoods purchased a condo in Englewood and spent more and more time there. Those years have proven a godsend to Sue who has developed many friendships to help her through difficult times. To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.