Non-fiction author a hit; Inspires L’Anse, Baraga students

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ALL ABOUT ANIMALS–Baraga’s Young Authors activities included plenty about animals, inspired by children’s non-fiction author Jerry Pallotta’s books and his visit. Kayah Loonsfoot proudly shows her whale project made with white and black beans.

by Barry Drue
“Hey kids, Who Would Win—a killer whale or a great white shark? A hippo or a rhino?” Prolific children’s author Jerry Pallotta from Boston is wildly popular among youngsters for his “Who Would Win?” series of animal books. Readers get a big dose of non-fiction scientific information on creatures large and small, right down to a bee vs. a wasp. Pallotta spent Friday morning, April 6, 2016, with young authors in the L’Anse school, and then moved over to Baraga for the afternoon, meeting with groups of elementary- aged students. Baraga second grade teacher Desiree Lauritsen knows just how popular Pallotta’s books are with youngsters. To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.