Miron brings years of service to new role

EXCITING OPPORTUNITY–New Sacred Heart School principal Christy Miron will continue with her coordination of the Faith Formation program, doing both jobs on a part-time basis. She replaces Dr. Eric Grekowicz who resigned recently after bringing technology, innovation and new curriculum to Sacred Heart School. Enrollment doubled during “Dr. G’s” tenure.

When Dr. Eric Grekowicz unexpectedly stepped down as Sacred Heart School’s principal, it didn’t take the pastor and the Diocese of Marquette long to find a replacement. Christy Miron was already well known for her work and commitment as the Faith Formation Coordinator in the local Catholic community. Miron has been approved as Sacred Heart’s new principal by Bishop John Doerfler. She will work in that position part-time and continue as the Faith Formation Coordinator, also a part-time position. Grekowicz had been a principal and fifth and sixth grade teacher. Sacred Heart has a long-term substitute teacher on board, and will hire a teacher in the summer. The staff will have four teachers and an aide. Amber Johnson will continue in her role as the school secretary, and she will serve part-time as the Faith Formation secretary. Although the changes have the Sacred Heart community looking ahead, most are also taking time to look back on the accomplishments of “Dr. G”. In two and a half years as principal Dr. G led efforts to double Sacred Heart School’s enrollment, which is now 55 students. He was a successful grant writer and he brought SHS up to current standards with classroom equipment, smart boards and student computers.

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