Longtime USPS carrier hangs up her bag

BENEFITS–of delivering the mail included visits with the many dogs Stewart-Wagner met along her way, like this pup who came to visit.

by Nancy Besonen
After 34 1/2 years on the job, Laura Stewart-Wagner has hung up her mail bag. Technically it’s a bin, but Laura was packing leather when she first began her postal career in her hometown of Somerville, N.J. in 1984. She was active from the start in her Letter Carrier’s Union, and is still a proud supporter of the organization that has always had her back. “The Letter Carriers Union is one of the strongest,” she said. “It’s kept postal salaries high, work places safe and great benefits for the letter carriers. I’ve always been proud to be a member.” To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.