Little Bros, friends serve it up!

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THREE DOZEN-PLUS–Thirty eight individuals volunteered for this year’s annual Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly Thanksgiving Day dinner. The meal was served at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Baraga. A total of 36 diners stopped in and another 44 dinners with all the trimmings were delivered to seniors not able to make the trip. Little Brothers is already planning its Christmas day dinner.

Winter weather didn’t effect Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly’s annual Thanskgiving Dinner at Baraga’s St. Ann’s Catholic Church. Little Brothers Executive Director Kathy Aten said 36 guests attended the sit-down dinner. Another 44 meals were delivered to seniors not able to make the trek into town. Aten said 38 people gave up part of their holiday to assist with the Baraga event. Overall, Little Brothers served diners at 10 sites from Ontonagon to Copper City to Marquette. Additionally, two hot meal delivery sites were part of the mix. Aten said a total of 420 guests were served along with 395 home deliveries. Volunteers tallied 430 to make the event a success.  To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.