KBOCC ‘STEM’ for 6-12 graders

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AFTER-SCHOOL ACADEMY–Ojibwa Community College is offering after school classes in a variety of areas, with a focus on “STEM”–science, technology, engineering and math. Above, l-r, Matthew Kezek, Ben Layle, Raistlyn Awonohopay, Malachi Griffin (in back row) and Dana Thierry compute during Digital Media II class, open to ninth through twelfth graders on Monday afternoons.

by Nancy Besonen
The end of the school day marks just the beginning of learning opportunities at the KBOCC STEM Academy in Baraga. From Archery to Violin with Forensic Science Labs in the middle, the academy offers a wide range of classes on the KBOCC Baraga Campus. Open free of charge to all middle and high school students, the program still has a few choice openings to fill. Karen Colbert is the STEM Academy Coordinator at Baraga. On campus last week, with beginning violin notes from the music room and friendly banter from the Digital Media II class threading through the background, she described STEM’s mission. To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.