Hospital gears for COVID-19

MOBILE CLINIC—A bus with a one-bed mobile clinic is set up in back of Baraga County Memorial Hospital. It will be used for “well” patients requiring routine services such as medical checks for CDL licenses, childhood wellness and vaccinations, etc. The mobile clinic will help keep well patients out of the hospital, should the Coronavirus pandemic arise here. L-r are Tom Van Ess, Director of Provider Services, Clinic Nursing Supervisor and Case Manager Sue Ingram, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Todd Ingram.

by Barry Drue
Baraga County Memorial Hospital staff is equipping a mobile clinic for use during the Coronavirus threat. The one-bed clinic will be used to see healthy patients who need routine services. Hospital staff borrowed the clinic vehicle from Michigan Works in Delta County. It is set up behind the hospital in the parking lot. Physicians Clinic Nursing Supervisor and Case Manager Sue Ingram said, “We will utilize it for healthy people, for well child exams, vaccinations. People will call the clinic (524-6118) and will be screened for COVID over the phone.” To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.