Students mill logs to lumber

ANOTHER DAY AT THE MILL–Baraga Construction Trades students have been working on the sawmill since December. Teacher John Filpus and the class set up Filpus’ band mill in the shop and they’ve cut about 8,000-9,000 board feet of softwood lumber. The logs came from a thinning of a portion of the Baraga School Forest which was set up as an educational experience for students last September. The lumber will be available for all Baraga wood shop students.

Students mill logs to lumber Wood from Baraga School Forest

The sawmill has been humming in the Baraga school shop for two and a half months. Fifteen students in John Filpus’ Construction Trades classes are just about done sawing a double truck load of softwood logs into 8,000-9,000 feet of lumber. Logs were harvested by John Stenvig and a large cast who volunteered equipment and labor last September from the Baraga School Forest. The harvest was part of a 10-year thinning rotation designed as an educational experience. Busloads of about 500 Baraga students were taken to the harvest where they learned about forestry practices and equipment. Filpus had his portable band mill set up there then offeried students the chance to cut a few boards.

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