Solar panels installed

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SOLAR PANELS–The new solar panels at the L’Anse Water Treatment Plant have been installed by Peninsula Solar of Marquette and are now up and running, helping to offset costs in the future for Village water customers. Pictured above is Bob LaFave, L’Anse Village Manager.

By Melissa Lehto
The L’Anse Water Treatment Plant’s solar powered panels are now up and running, with the hope that it will save village customers some money in the future at the faucet. WPPI Energy, a non-profit wholesale power supply company, which L’Anse Village is a member of, provided a $25,000 grant to the Village of L’Anse to install an 11.4 kilowatt solar photovoltaic resource project at the village water plant. The village paid the remaining $18,000 on the $43,000 project. L’Anse and Baraga are two of seven Upper Peninsula municipalities that are WPPI Energy members. The other five locations are from the central U.P. “The power-generated electricity will feed back to the village water system, hopefully saving village customers money in the future,” said Village Manager Bob LaFave. To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.