Shantell Ekdahl Scholarship to ‘stop the stigma’

SCHOLARSHIP FUND–Starting in the 2024-25 school year, the Shantell Ekdahl Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2500 will be avail able at L’Anse Area School and will go to a graduating senior of L’Anse High School who is going into the mental health/psychology field in memory of Shantell Ekdahl. If there are no candidates going into that field, a secondary candidate will be chosen from those going into teaching. Pictured from left to right are Anne Koski, L’Anse Area Schools Foundation Treasurer, Shelley Ekdahl, and L’Anse Area School Superintendent Susan Tollefson.

by Melissa Newland

Mental health issues and suicide too often go hand in hand and one L’Anse mother is taking action to bring the issue to the forefront after the loss of her daughter. Shelley and Lyndon Ekdahl along with their family felt the devastating effects of this problem when their eldest daughter Shantell recently “saved herself by suicide” March 23, 2024, after battling mental health issues for many years. “Committed suicide—that is a phrase that should never be used. There are other ways to say it,” commented Shelley. “This is the beginning of how we should speak of suicide and what she was going through. Shantell made several attempts to save herself by admitting herself into a psychiatric ward in Green Bay twice, seeing a therapist and doctor for her mental health and being prescribed medications for treatment, eating healthy and exercising to maintain a healthy baseline; all of which were not effective and ultimately led her to make this decision.” To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.