‘Made Baraga great again!’ -Class of 2017 graduates 31

CELEBRATING–Baraga Class of 2017 exchanges hugs as mortarboards are tossed and balloons fall from the ceiling. Memories of fun times and challenges were shared during graduation on Friday, May 26, 2017.

by Barry Drue
The humor and uniqueness of Baraga’s Class of 2017 was celebrated as 31 seniors received diplomas at commencement at BHS on Friday, May 26. Much was said of the ultimate senior prank to drive, carry and push a car into the high school office lobby a few days ago. “We’re not a normal class. . .and I mean that in a good way!” said Valedictorian Jake Putala. He spoke of the impact the Class of 2017 has had on the school and community with its “take charge attitude”. “Anytime the staff wanted something done they came to us,” Putala noted. “And our class has never failed to make the faculty chuckle!” Putala encouraged classmates to “set goals for ourselves, reach them, and set the bar even higher”. He urged his peers to turn negative energy into positive energy. Himself a budding politician heading to Lansing Community College with a state Capitol internship already lined up, Putala has long been involved in the Republican Party at the local, state and even national level. He joined Republican Presidential candidates when they convened on Mackinac Island during the 2016 race. Reaching to his roots, Putala couldn’t resist: He said of his Class of 2017: “We made Baraga great again!” To read more, subscribe to the L’Anse Sentinel online, or buy a print copy at our local retailers.